23-25 January 2014
Utrecht University
Europe/Amsterdam timezone
Videos of the keynotes are now available on the homepage!
The Geography of Innovation Conference provides a forum for discussion to scholars and practitioners interested in scientific, policy and strategic issues concerning the spatial dimension of innovation activities. Plenary sessions, presentations and workshops will gather together some of the world’s leading thinkers working on innovation and related dynamics of technological, institutional and geographical change. In line with the first edition of the conference, held in Saint Etienne (France) in 2012, the main objective of this event is to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines ranging from economic geography, economics, management science, sociology, network theory, regional science and urban studies.
The conference invites contributions in a wide range of topics underlying the geography of innovation such as: global and local dynamics of innovation, science and technology policy, cluster competitiveness, firms R&D strategies, entrepreneurships, innovation systems, sustainable and social innovation, industrial dynamics and innovation networks. Innovation, science and regional policy issues will be debated with the participation of local and European policy makers. The interaction between scholars and public actors will contribute to elaborate bottom up policies concerning growth and innovation at both regional and European level.
Keynote speakers at plenary sessions include:
Olav Sorenson (Yale School of Management)
Regions, Relationships, Micro-geography and Innovation (Abstract and Video).
Simona Iammarino (London School of Economics)
Multinational Enterprises, Innovation & Geography (Abstract and Slides).
Elisa Giuliani (University of Pisa)
Networks and their Dynamics in Industrial Clusters.
An Appraisal of Theory and Empirical Evidence
(Abstract and Video).
Martin Andersson (Lund University)
Local Clusters of Entrepreneurs (Abstract).
The video of the opening of the conference by Ron Boschma can be viewed here. The video of the Policiy Session on Friday 24 January can be viewed here
The Geography of Innovation conference 2014 is organized by the Department of Economic Geography - URU from the University of Utrecht and supported by CIRCLE (Lund University)

Dates: from 23 January 2014 08:00 to 25 January 2014 18:45
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam
Location: Utrecht University
 Room: Academiegebouw
Material: Program and scientific report